Mustang Rep Head Coaching Application 2024/2025 (Grand River Mustangs)

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Mustang Rep Head Coaching Application 2024/2025
As part of this application process and in the event that I am a successful applicant:
1. I will read, adhere to, and uphold the GRM Codes of Conduct, Constitution, and Bylaws available on the GRM web site.
2. I will comply with all rules and regulations of the GRM and all governing bodies including development pathway guidance and coaching requirements outlined by Hockey Canada and the OWHA.
         • Hockey Canada resources available here
         • OWHA resources available here
3. I will undergo a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (VSS).
4. I have no convictions or outstanding charges for offences under the Criminal Code of Canada as specified in the OWHA Screening Policy up to and including the date of this declaration for which a pardon has not been issued or granted under the Criminal Records Act (Canada).
5. I will upgrade my coaching qualifications as required.
6. I will attend a minimum of 75% of the coach mentorship sessions offered by the GRM.
7. I understand that the Coaches Selection Committee (CSC) may contact other members of the GRM, my references, and other associations concerning this application.

General Information

Team Requested

Please select the team you are applying for.



Please provide three character references (excluding relatives), include their names, email and phone number.

A little about you

Team Operations & Management

I agree to volunteer with Grand River Mustangs League as a head coach for the upcoming season. I will follow the policies and guidelines as set out by Grand River Mustangs Girls Hockey Inc. (GRMGHI) and the Ontario Women’s Hockey 
Association (OWHA). I will attend all games and events that are required of my position. In the event that I cannot be present, I will make proper arrangements. I will treat all of my fellow volunteers, referees, organizers, and above all the players with respect. I 
am committed to developing both the hockey skills and self-confidence of all players in the league. I agree to always protect the rights, privacy and interests of the players with Grand River Mustangs Inc. I agree to provide information for a police check