Mustangs Local League Coaching Application 2024/2025 (Grand River Mustangs)

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Mustangs Local League Coaching Application 2024/2025

General Information

Team Requested

Please select the age group you would like to coach.


A little about you

Team Operations & Management

Please note, this request is not a guarantee.


Please provide three character references (excluding relatives), include their names, email and phone number.

As part of this application process and in the event that I am a successful applicant:

1. I will read, adhere to, and uphold the GRM Codes of Conduct, Constitution, and Bylaws available on the GRM web site. 
2. I will comply with all rules and regulations of the GRM and all governing bodies including development pathway guidance and coaching requirements outlined by Hockey Canada and the OWHA.
         • Hockey Canada resources available here
         • OWHA resources available here 
3. I will undergo a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (VSS).
4. I will attend all games and events that are required of my position. In the event that I cannot be present, I will make proper arrangements. 
5. I will treat all of my fellow volunteers, referees, organizers, and above all the players with respect. 
6. I am committed to developing both the hockey skills and self-confidence of all players in the league.

7. I will upgrade my coaching qualifications as required.
8. I agree to always protect the rights, privacy and interests of the players with GRM 
9. I understand that the Coaches Selection Committee (CSC) may contact other members of the GRM, my references, and other associations concerning this application.